Jul 29, 2015

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Jul 26, 2015


A peek into photo storage at the Getty.

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Jun 24, 2015

Confession: Sometimes I can be a snob, an art teacher snob. It took me a full day and a half of my AP teacher training to start to get over myself and stop saying in my head, “This doesn’t apply to me. I don’t teach THAT kind of stuff in MY class.” When I actually think about it and reflect, I realize a lot of my resistance comes from my own insecurities, that little voice inside of my head that says, “I’m not good at drawing or painting”. However, once I started to get into the process, I began to really enjoy myself; I even finished my 2 creatures project! I think it’s really important that teachers don’t forget what it feels like to be a student, to feel uncomfortable, to try new things, and to (re)learn to trust the artistic process. This doesn’t mean I’m fully cured of my snobbery, but I am trying… #PracticeWhatYouPreach

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May 3, 2015

I am so proud of @alapal for her Honorable Mention earned in the 20th annual Growing Up Asian in America art and writing competition sponsored by the Asian Pacific Fund for her photographic piece seen here. She skillfully referenced Dorothea Lange’s iconic “Migrant Mother” created during the Great Depression to talk about the contemporary immigrant experience, rooted in her own family’s story of immigrating from the Philippines. Boston University is so lucky to have this hard working young woman joining the terrier family next year. I will miss her dearly but know that she is off to accomplish much more and start the next chapter in her life. #GrowingUpAsianinAmerica #AsianPacificFund #AsianArtMuseum (at Asian Art Museum)

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Feb 27, 2015

She always helps me put things in perspective.