Boxes & Bindings

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  • Linger

    Accordion Booklet: Beeswax Coated Paper, Matchbox, Match

  • Artist's Statement Box

    Walnut, Mirror, Magnets, Adhesive Labels

  • Button Book

    Coptic Binding: Buttons, Twine, Paper

  • Coptic Binding: Bookcloth, Bookboard, Tracing Paper, Thread, Ribbon

  • Jacob's Ladder Binding: Polaroid photographs, Unruyu rice paper

  • Colophon

  • Japanese Stab Binding

  • Climbing Precipice

    Butterfly Binding: Birch Bark, Bookboard, Paper

  • Lamination of Christ

    Clamshell Box containing set of 20 laminated pictures of the Crucifixion

  • A History of Miliani Elementary

    Japanese Stab Binding

  • Outtakes

    Japanese Stab- Tortoise Shell Binding

  • Confidential

    Coptic Binding

  • Teaching Portfolio

    2 Post & Screw Books, 3 Folio Slipcovers inside Clamshell Box